Government Relations

The creation of public policy is often compared to “making sausage” because the policies viewed by the public bears little resemblance to the internal negotiations used by policymakers to formulate...

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Public Relations & Grassroots Organization

When your initiative depends on community support our communications team builds public awareness and understanding....

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Federal, State & Local Issues

Broydrick & Associates brings 30 years of relationship building and experience with Federal, State and Local lobbying & Government Relations....

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Federal Appropriations & Contract Procurement

Contracts can generate significant revenue for businesses, but securing a contract with a government entity can be a venture…....

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International Affairs

With today’s advanced technology, our world is getting smaller and smaller. At Broydrick & Associates, we believe our principles of diligence and discipline apply not only here in the United...

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Who we are
Our mission is to serve our clients’ needs through timely, thorough, creative and innovative representation. Our clients and their employees are customers we appreciate and they deserve a salute, a smile and service that “wows” them.

Contact me, Bill Broydrick today at 414-719-1399, or

What’s the buzz …

Victory on Liver Donation Controversy

Lake Michigan Ferry Fight Rages in Washington

Welcome to our new client: Escape Homes, the maker of the finest Park Model Homes. HUD  in a dramatic bureaucratic overreach to call them manufactured homes.

Broydrick & Associates represents non-profit, Brightstar before the IRS

Welcome Three New Clients!

Another Victory!
Wisconsin Physicians Service reverses decision on kidney treatment coverage


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    Leadership Council for Human Rights
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