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What Our Clients Think

Poly Technical Solutions, LLC

“We want to thank you for the crucial counsel and assistance you gave us to obtain a successful EPA registration of our breakthrough  anti-microbial  nanotechnology.
All we know is that after you joined our team the process which has been mired in bureaucracy broke for us. After many years, you achieved success in 6 months.
Thank you for your hard work and perseverance!!”

Wayne Kraus

BrightStar Wisconsin Foundation, Inc.

“Dear Bill: Getting our novel foundation concept understood and approved by the IRS was an accomplishment that could not have been done without your assistance…and in record time on fast track status!

We were so fortunate to have been referred to you–Thomas”
Thomas M. Shannon
President & CEO

University of Michigan Healthcare System
re: WPS Reversal on Kidney Transplant Therapy

“Bill, thank you for all of your leadership and lift in getting this thing fixed.Our team is very pleased!  I always enjoy working with a pro!  Thanks, Rick”
Rick Bossard

W D Schorsch, LLC

Your knowledge, perseverance, and doggedness was instrumental in cutting the gordian knot created by the federal agencies that slowed down  the completion of our construction project of a new federal office in Chicago. Thank you.”
William Schorsch

Step Up for Students

Thank you for your insight, counsel, and hardwork that successfully allows Step Up for Students to thrive and grow in its mission of providing private education to economically disadvantaged youths”
Doug Tuthill
Step Up for Students
Broydrick recently assisted Step Up for Students in obtaining a favorable technical ruling for the Department of Health and Social Services on the ability of  health insurers to contribute funds for  scholarships for disadvantaged youth to attend private schools.

Ruud Lighting

Thank you for your help, counsel, and advocacy of our behalf. You were instrumental in maximizing our successful efforts to obtain help from the state as part our expansion plans.”
Wayne Guillien


 Thank you for addressing our executive retreat. Your explanation of the political situation was both informative, thought-provoking and entertaining.”
Liz Uihlein, President

Air Cargo Carriers

 Thank you for your valuable assistance when our two pilots were unlawfully detained in the Dominican Republic. You sprang to action on a Sunday morning and were able to coordinate our efforts with Congress, the State Department and the Dominican Embassy. Your ability to work with all three made a great deal of difference in a successful outcome.”
James R. Hoffman, President & CEO
ACC Holding, Inc.

Meehan Seaway Services & Meehan Foundation

 I have a strong sense of respect for the work you have done and look forward to your success. In the early days of your partnership, I had a major business challenge. You succeeded for me. I decided to come over to your house to thank you personally and pay you. I will never forget walking into your dinning room and there you both sat, deciding what invoices to pay and I came in with check in hand. When I saw how hard you were working, I had the realization of the respect that I still hold for you to this day.”
Dan Meehan, President
Meehan Seaway Service, Limited

Boerke Advocates Company

 Broydrick and Associates always found the most cost efficient and effective solution to what seemed like, at first, intractable problems.”
Dave Boerke, Principal
Boerke Advocates Company