Federal Appropriations & Contract Procurement

Federal Appropriations & Contract Procurement

The Broydrick Way:


  • Advocate for Targeted Grant Funds
  • Develop Federal Funding Assistance Case Statements
  • Support Solicited and Unsolicited Grant Proposals

The appropriations process is very competitive and complex. Broydrick & Associates will work with you to develop an effective case statement to demonstrate how your project relates to the priorities of the federal government, which will support your effort to obtain federal authorizations, appropriations or grants. We explain to government officials why a particular private-public partnership is necessary to advance a critical national objective. Broydrick & Associates will work with you: beginning with developing initial requests, to completing agency processes, to ensuring the release of funds to the grantee. We also continuously review opportunities to obtain agency funding through both solicited grants and unsolicited grant proposals. We will work with you from start to finish to ensure that your project stays on track through federal funding assistance.

Contract Procurement

  • Identify Business Opportunities
  • Coordinate Key Meetings
  • Write Winning Proposals
  • Communications Coaching
  • Negotiate Contracts with Government Agencies

Government contracts can generate significant revenue for businesses. That said, securing a business contract with a government entity is a difficult venture into uncharted territory. Opportunities must be identified, winning proposals written and support among key players enlisted. Broydrick & Associates helps clients win government contracts by identifying opportunities and negotiating through the process. We forge alliances and guide you every step of the way.