Federal, State and Local Issues

Federal, State and Local Issues

The Broydrick Way

30 years of Broydrick & Associates relationship building is to your benefit.

Local Government Relations experience is at the heart of what makes the difference in understanding the political complexities of each community. For example, we tell our clients it’s important in siting cell towers to know the neighborhood sensitivities. We strategically plan on how to work, build a solid base of relationships, enlist local media and gain their respect to get the clients message correctly communicated, understand the local political climate and most importantly how to meet with the effected people to garner their support. We have done it, we do it, and we can point to a long list of accomplishments.

Examples of success in establishing….Hospital certificates of need, cell phone tower placement, hospital expansions, marina contracts, wastewater treatment plant expansions, deep tunnel waste water facilities, funding for public school education, neighborhood stabilization programs, community development, low-income housing tax credits, disaster preparedness, energy modernization and more…


State Government lobbying demonstrates our record as the market leader for decades in Wisconsin through six different administrations. We have always been bi-partisan and continue to be so. We have guided clients through every public policy sector with a clear record of success. We have done it, we do it, and we can point to a long list of accomplishments.


Our efforts led to the award of one of the largest service contract awards for the state of Wisconsin. Created the establishment of the original compacts for Indian gaming in Wisconsin. The New York legislature and many communities in Oneida and Madison County were  awakened to the rights of the Wisconsin-based Indian Nation land claim in NY State. Telecommunication representation covered twenty years of change and successful growth and more….

Federal Government Relations is an ever-changing dynamic of new problems, new priorities, new administrations, new congressional representatives and senators, changes in agency administrators and rules of the road. Our motto is “tell us what the rules are and we will do it.” We come from a state with extremely strong lobbying rules.

But you know what? Elected officials really don’t want a cup of coffee, a meal or a ticket. What they want is the truth and a relationship with us that they can trust will benefit their community. Frankly, that is rewarding in itself. Businesses are trying to offer services that make sense, keep their competitive edge and prosper.

What remains constant for us is the need to have the ability to make new connections. We enjoy and love what we do.

Broydrick & Associates is adaptable and guides our clients in the maze of politics with aplomb.

We have done it, we do it, and we can point to a long list of accomplishments….

Please see Federal, State, Multi-State and Local Accomplishments for a more complete list.