Government Relations

Government Relations

The Broydrick Way

Creation of Public Policy is often compared to “making sausage” because the policies viewed by the public bear little resemblance to the internal negotiations used by policymakers to formulate policy. Our expertise is first-hand and on-the-ground experience.

Broydrick & Associates’ team comes from backgrounds that entail formulating and developing this policy – from getting bills introduced to amending bills, to modifying regulations. We know the territory with vast experience from working the grass roots of the neighborhood homes, farms, schoolrooms, planning boards and commissions, county boards, town boards, city halls, state agencies, public service commissions, legislatures, governors, mayors and city councils. We use shoe leather to get your message across and understood. We walk and lobby through the halls of Congress and the rings of the Pentagon to the hospital clinic in your hometowns, with enthusiasm, understanding and compassion for the needs of our clients and the betterment of our communities. We know and love America and practice subscription to good business ethics.

Federal, Multi State, and Local levels of government are impacted by our actions on your behalf. We endeavor to make it work right so your success is theirs as well. We are one of the few firms that assist in identifying lobbyists for our clients in other states that we know and trust to get the job done in an effective and ethical manner. When we can’t do something we tell you and if there is someone else who can get it done, we refer him or her to you.

Our strategic planning with and for you in assessing your policy needs allows us to identify where you want to go and determine the way to maximize your strengths to get you there. We build coalitions, involve the grassroots and grass-tops and inform the media so that we can effectively conduct crisis communication that is effective.

We are your partners and we know the political culture at all levels of government and we have the years of experience and the track record to prove it. Broydrick & Associates has the insider knowledge, relationships and networking adeptness to help our clients orchestrate change, with a comprehensive plan and the follow through to get it done.

We get the job done and deliver victories for our clients in a vast scope of areas including: Federal financing • Government contract procurement • Health care initiatives in Tri-Care & children’s health care • Graduate Medical Education policy • Youth health issues • Organ procurement issues • Renewable energy programs • Disaster tax credits • Farm Bill issues • Agricultural research • Bio labs and bio-tech projects • New market tax credits • Business tax abatement • Solid waste industrial revenue bonds • Public finance authority and a host of other victories for our clients. For a detailed listing see Services-Federal, State & Local Issues.

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