Jennifer Lyons

Jennifer Lyons

Milwaukee, WI Office

Jen worked for the  Milwaukee office for the last four years.  She is now working remotely and is our contracted Billing Manager, as well as the Federal Contracting Specialist. Recently she has worked to federally certify Broydrick & Associates as a Women-owned Small Business. This allows us the opportunity to bid for government and client contracts with specific set-assides for WOSB’s.

Jen has over fifteen years of managerial experience, starting as a supervisor at a political polling firm in Utah. She also served as the Office & Billing Manager and HIPAA Compliance Specialist for a psychiatric medical practice, and later Milwaukee’s Argosy Foundation before joining Broydrick & Associates.

Jen graduated with honors from the Community Leadership program at Alverno College, and holds a bachelor’s degree in Community Leadership and Non-Profit Business Management. She has a strong eye for detail, and a speciality in compliance, contracting and keeping track of financial details.

Jen is available by email at

Jennifer’s specialties and projects include but are not limited to….Accounts Receivable • Regulations and Compliance  • Government Contracting • Medical Billing and Coding • Human Relations 

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