Kathryn Cameron Porter

Kathryn Cameron Porter

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Kathryn Cameron Porter has served as a congressional chief of staff, electoral campaign manager, non-profit executive and consultant, and US presidential appointee.  She knows how to connect the dots and make things happen from on the ground projects in Afghanistan to business opportunities in Iraq and Kurdistan, and the possibilities inherent in moving issues in Congress and the Federal Government.

Kathryn Cameron Porter founded The Leadership Council for Human Rights in 2001.  Kathryn is an applied anthropologist with an extensive background in political, cultural and social projects.  Kathryn continues to serve as the voice of the voiceless in an effort to bring about positive change in the world.  Her efforts focus on women in peace-building, sustainable development, and creative strategies to bring about positive change.  Her approach is hands on and focuses on realistic objectives with a sound record of success.

The Leadership Council has become a catalyst for both human rights and human responsibilities throughout the world.  Kathryn has working contacts in the Middle East and North Africa, Central and South America, Eastern Europe, Asia and South Asia.  She is an expert on the Kurds in Iraq, Turkey, Iran and Syria.  Her focus has given voice to ethnic and religious minorities in a variety of areas – she considers women as a minority in much of the world.

Kathryn was the catalyst for the formation of the Congressional Human Rights Caucus in 1981, now the Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission.  She has testified numerous times before Congress and International organizations including the UN, OSCE, European Parliament and Council of Europe.  She serves on the boards of a number of national and international organizations.

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