Federal, State, Multi-State and Local Accomplishments

Federal, State, Multi-State and Local Accomplishments

Every session of our National Congress, State houses, City halls and Town halls present a varied and complex set of problems and opportunities. We relish our work and enjoy the privilege of representing individuals, businesses, municipalities, trade organizations, non-profits and foreign interests. This work is a team effort and we want to serve you and your needs to make things happen.

Each day for us is a new challenge and that’s what energizes us and makes this work a pleasure.

Federal Accomplishments

$30 million in Federal purchases of cranberries • $5 million set aside for an inner city hospital • Agricultural Research Service budget increase for national cranberry research • Approval for a liver transplant program • Cell towers on Army bases  • Collecting $35 million in past due accounts from a Federal Defense Agency• Development of a new legislation for a mass disaster notification system • Discovery Science center for a private university • Environmental issue involving coal dumping in Lake Michigan • Federal approval for $150 million on New Market tax credits • Federal liver transplant regulation • Generic Drug settlement payments • Grassroots on expansion of farm credit service • Health Insurance minimum loss ratio legislation •  Language in Healthcare Reform Bill on behalf of community physician owned hospitals •Legislation for physician owned hospital • Medicare reimbursement for brain trauma injuries • Million dollar planning grant for a private Illinois University • Multi-state bill tracking for a national pharmaceutical company • Negotiated the renewal of Federal leased space • Obtained transfer of army land to local community college • Obtaining Reinstatement of federal eligibility for Title IV student loans and grants • Organizing events with senior elected officials for trade associations • Preserving adequate nursing home reimbursement • Redevelopment of former army base • Redrawing of postal zip code boundaries • Refinancing of a paper mill • Regulation of proprietary education facilities • Reinstatement for 340(b) pediatric orphan drug coverage • Representation of a non-profit organization before the General Accounting Office (GAO) and Inspector General of the United States • Renegotiation of federal leases • Representing innovative urban planning organization • Reviewing Federal tax credits for energy efficiency • Rural hospital reimbursement • Second Chance legislation • Special Federal Appropriation for Waste Water Treatment facilities • Sub chapter S taxation modification • Successfully worked with Department of Justice (DOJ) to keep funding for Assistant Prosecutors •  Technical assistance for family planning in Healthcare reform • Technical consulting for employers as a result of Healthcare reform • United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Food for Peace contractual disputes

International Accomplishments

Congressional liaison for a Middle Eastern Government • Helped effectuate the release of two private business pilots from Santo Domingo • Cultural Exchange with the Menomonee Indian Nation and the Kurdistan Regional Government of Iraq • Representing a South African city on World Cup matters

State & Multi-State Accomplishments

$1 million special continuing appropriation for a Children’s Hospital • Acceptance of new drugs on a state formulary • Banking legislation • Bill authorizing hygienists to do work independently with a written prescription by a dentist • Business development in multiple states for managed care contracts • Car rental taxes • Cell tower location on public buildings • Certificate of need for a Children’s Hospital • Charter school funding equity • Contracts for Medicaid Enrollment Broker • Contracts to operate marinas • Department of Natural Resources of Wisconsin (DNR-WI) approval of marina development • Design-Build legislation Insuring availability of blood supply during the inception of the AIDS crisis • Ethanol plant approval • Florida Medicaid reimbursement for pediatric services • Lead paint legislation • Liaison with Ken Feinberg on BP settlements • Multi-State acceptance on drug formularies • Multi-State grassroots project • Negotiated state telecommunications regulatory policy • Nursing home reimbursement • Obtained $21 million in state tax credits in moving a 1000 employee company from Illinois to Wisconsin • Pay raise for Trial Judges and pay raises for Assistant District Attorneys • Prevented landfill tax increases • Property taxation of non-profit entities • Regulation of smoking • Reimbursement of psychiatric care •  Regulation effecting imported latex gloves • Renewal of contract for State Fair midway operator • Repayment of school loans for worthless credit default obligation bonds • Retaining ad valorem tax for capital projects for a metropolitan sewage district • Rule making on regulation for assisted living facilities • School aid formula technical changes •  Series of issues for oil wholesalers and retailers trade associations • Special environmental assistance for PCB clean up • Special Indian rights for gaming in Wisconsin • State approval of Blue Cross Plan acquisitions • State construction contracts • State contracting for baby formula • State legislation on transplantation • State of Wisconsin Investment Board (SWIB) purchase and sale of Hispanic radio channels • State regulation policy on bottled water • Successfully won on three occasions Wisconsin Administration’s largest awards of service contracts (Medicaid claim processing) for the same client Successfully crafted legislation for life insurance mutual companies • Tax credit for a building in Kenosha, Wisconsin • Technical payment issues with state Medicaid program • Telecommunication bills  • Zoning for multiple hospitals

Local Accomplishments

Airport concession contracts • Local zoning for a recycler • Obtaining commpensation for forced relocation of a business • Regulation of Misssissippi clam diggers • Renewal of fixed base airport operator contracts • Sale of electric plant • Zoning for big box developments • Port operations contracts • Hospital relocation and zoning issues • Local rezoning for developments

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