Miracle Cure Comes from an Earmark

Miracle Cure Comes from an Earmark

Recently the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel wrote a three-part series entitled One In A Billion about the miraculous cure found for a young boy through the use of genetic sequencing at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin.

What the Journal didn’t discuss is how Children’s obtained some of the equipment that directly enabled the doctors to learn the genetic cause of the child’s disease.

Oh my God — it was an earmark!

Yes, an earmark: that so-called “scourge” of good government. The earmarking process can be misused (in which case the culprit can be thrown out of office).

But in this case, this earmark was of great benefit to this little boy and the technology will help many other families in the future.

We at Broydrick and Associates are very proud we were able to assist Children’s Hospital in obtaining these funds.

Children’s Hospital is a special place for me, since a pioneering surgeon saved my life at Boston Children’s Hospital in 1955.

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