Fearless Forecast

Fearless Forecast

1.  Obama will win the Electoral College by a narrow margin.

In the swing states I predict:

Colorado= Romney (9)
Florida =Romney (29)
Iowa = Obama (6)
Michigan= Obama (16)
Nevada= Obama (6)
N.H.= Romney (4)
N.C. =Romney (15)
Ohio=Obama (18)
Pa.=Obama (20)
Va.=Romney (13)
Wis.=Obama (10)

Electoral  College

Obama 277
Romney 261


2. US Senate remains Democratic 53-47 (no change assume Maine Independent caucus with Ds)

Arizona Flake(R)
Conn. Murphy (D)
Indiana Mourdock (R)
Mass. Warren (D)
Montana Rehberg (R)
Nevada Heller (R)
North Dakota Berg (R)
Ohio Brown (D)
Va. Kaine (D)
Wisconsin Baldwin (D)

3. House remains Republican

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