Kudos to Governor Walker

Kudos to Governor Walker

Governor Walker is to be congratulated for saying that he would not sign the elimination of same day registration. Everyone should be encouraging participation in the electoral process. When more people vote they have a heightened  normative  commitment  to the democratic process and the potential for alienation and disaffection is lowered. There have been so many commentaries over the years that low participation is one of the reasons that the public is so disaffected with government. While there maybe honest disagreement about policy there should be no disagreement that participation and voting is a good idea.

The argument is often made that same day registration encourages fraud and therefore should be banned. However, there is scant evidence that it is either widespread or organized. Without the evidence and with the statement by the GAB that its elimination would be costly the Governor has made the right call.

Our focus should be on jobs, jobs, jobs–nothing else. Every policy should be judged on its ability to preserve and generate productive, high quality employment

Kudos to Scott Walker.

Article from JS Online

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