Video: Senator Durbin

Video: Senator Durbin

Badger on the Senate Floor (12.20.2012)

Senator Dick Durbin on the coal ash dumping Lake Michigan carferry SS Badger

Clipped from:Senate Session
Dec 20, 2012

Senator Durbin expresses continued opposition to the efforts by owners
of the Ludington Michigan based SS Badger carferry to continue the
practice of dumping coal ash from the boilers of the carferry SS
Badger into the waters of Lake Michigan. Each year the vessel dumps
more than 500 tons and a recent effort by two Republican congressmen
would have exempted the act in perpetuity. Failing to pass a permanent
exemption, the owners of the SS Badger now seek a permit from the EPA
to continue dumping coal ash for another 5 years.

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