Solve Home Care Problem

Solve Home Care Problem

Please see the letter to the editor posted in today’s Journal Sentinel:

The Obama administration decision to delay the imposition of an employer mandate is welcome. But it doesn’t solve the fundamental problem for Medicaid dependent home care providers.

Home care companies that are dependent on Medicaid are only paid $16 per hour per patient by the state. It is impossible to either buy employee health insurance or pay the fine with the paltry sum paid by the state.

If the Obama administration and the state insist on the combination of low rates and the payment of fines, the losers will be the disabled who are dependent on home care to remain in their homes and the low-paid workers.

Now, both sides have time to solve the problem

A hamburger stand can always raise prices, especially when all its competitors are forced to do the same thing. But someone who depends on the state for Medicaid funding is stuck. The result of the combination of state and federal policies will be to destroy the care infrastructure that allows the disabled to stay in their homes and avoid the high costs (for both state and federal government) of institutional care

Please, policy-makers in Madison and Washington, solve this problem.

Bill Broydrick
Washington, D.C.

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