The Badger Continues to Dump Coal

The Badger Continues to Dump Coal

In 1966 Gaylord Nelson said that ships should stop dumping coal ash in the Great Lakes. Forty eight years later only one ship–the Badger–continues to dump coal ash in Lake Michigan.
Repeatedly the Badger has promised it will stop dumping coal and repeatedly it is failed to do so.

In 2013 the Badger signed a settlement with the US Department of Justice and EPA that 2014 would be the last year that they will stop dumping coal. However, there is no sign that they have even begun (by their own admission) to design a system to stop dumping coal.

This morning Carey Spivak in the Journal Sentinel reveals that the Lake Express which is a modern, environmentally compliant, high speed ferry was feloniously extorted by a fly by night publication to buy ads or be lambasted as part of a campaign by the Badger to continue to pollute Lake Michigan.

It is a sorry state of affairs that Gaylord Nelson’s wish of 48 years ago since goes unfulfilled.

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