Senator Cotton has made a mistake

Senator Cotton has made a mistake

Senator Tom Cotton has a made a mistake. He may not like any agreement that the US reaches with Iran, but he is interfering with a process that should be in the Administration’s’ hand and specifically Secretary of State Kerry.

He says he wants a tougher deal. What his actions have done is make any deal less likely. On Morning Joe this AM he likened Iran to Syria and Libya. Syria’s reactor was bombed by Israel . Libya gave up on a nuclear program.Iran is not an analogous case. It is a non-Arab Shia nation with a long history as an imperial power in the region. More importantly, it is not a simple matter to “bomb” their reactors. War with Iran is very serious business and Senator Cotton knows well how difficult it would be

He assumes that the P-5 + Germany agree with his approach. One of our few strengths has been unity with our NATO allies and Russia in stopping Iran from becoming a nuclear weapons state. He has undermined our allies and Secretary Kerry’s efforts

Senator Cotton, a freshman senator, (if you pardon the pun) has made a very sophomoric error. He has harmed our ability to negotiate, strengthen the hardliners in Tehran, and befuddled our allies who wonder why he is pretending to speak for the United States Government. Senator Cotton please let the administration negotiate. If you don’t like the deal speak out but be sure to have an alternative that both the US and the P5 +Germany can live with.

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