Successful Briefing on Innovation in Cancer Detection

Successful Briefing on Innovation in Cancer Detection

DSC_0396DSC_0391Yesterday Exact Sciences sponsored a very successful Congressional Staff briefing on Innovation in Cancer Detection.

Exact Sciences has gained FDA and Medicare approval for Cologuard a non-invasive colon cancer screening test that detects 92% of colon cancer and 69% of advanced pre-cancer.

Among the speakers were Kevin Conroy, CEO of Exact Sciences; Dr. David Ahlquist of the Mayo Clinic; and Trish Lannon, a colon cancer survivor.

The session was cosponsored by Exact Sciences, the Cancer Action Network of the American Cancer Society, Stop Colorectal Cancer, and the Mayo Clinic.

Currently Broydrick and Associates is circulating a letter on Capitol Hill urging members of the House to sign on. It is directed to Secretary Robert MacDonald of VA asking VA to make the test available to Veterans. The letter is being lead by Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick (R-Pa), a colon cancer survivor and Rep. Donald Payne, Jr. whose Dad and predecessor succumbed to colon cancer.

Cologuard is available to all Medicare recipients but not to our veterans!

Stay tuned for an update.

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