Future of a Unified Iraq

Future of a Unified Iraq

This morning I was able to ask Chairman Ed Royce (R-California) who is chair of the House Foreign Affairs Committee about the future of a unified Iraq and the option of independent Kurdish, Sunni, and Shia states.

He disagreed saying it would only further assist ISIS in its recruitment.

Ed Royce is frustrated because the Obama administration resists aiding Kurdish and Sunni opponents of ISIS with heavy weapons. All knowledgable Americans are frustrated with the lack of a coherent likely to succeed plan to combat ISIS. The frustration is only heighten by the partisan bickering on both sides.

The President needs to convene a meeting of “wise” man (and woman) to come up with an approach that has two elements. First, it is a policy that seems a chance at success and second it is a policy that can win wide bi-partisan Congressional and public support.

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