Transplant Troubles

Transplant Troubles

UNOS is again proving itself to be not just ineffective but dangerous. It is an institution that reflects the lowest common denominator of transplant surgeons permitting mediocre center to continue and doing little to assist the best centers.

Their latest gambit is “redistricting”–they want to use a mathematical formula to break up the country regardless of the number and quality of transplant centers. It is concocted by a transplant surgeon and his mathematician spouse. It will hurt those parts of the country that move through their list of liver transplant candidates briskly and promises equal chances for someone no matter where they are listed to receive a liver.

Here’s the problem–many centers refuse livers and their list grows longer. As long as quality is kept up we should reward centers that take all comers in terms of donated organs as long as they are successful. We should reward quality and discourage poor performing centers on the basis of acceptance of organs as well as outcomes.

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