What’s going on in health care at the capitol….

What’s going on in health care at the capitol….

You may not think that very much is going on under the nation’s dome, but there is a good deal of sorting out what implications hospitals, doctors, nurses, home health providers, nursing homes, and just about any other health related industry is facing. Patients first, and then how to serve there needs is the motto, but with that leads all roads to the nation’s state houses to sort out what they are willing or not willing to do with Medicaid and Medicare.
Meanwhile the local home door to door knocking is about to proceed by advocacy outreach and what is behind the doors are a number of anxious and unaware citizens.

Both I and my wife have a long history of door to door campaigns and one thing we both can attest to is people will really open up and tell you what they think. This is going to be interesting but what doors really need to be opened up are the closed doors that have locked out the concerns of how home care providers are going to be able to stay in business. That means what is really going to happen to granny and grandpa with their home health care, the children who have home care providers for their disabilities , and lately what child can or cannot have a transplant.

And as for the nursing homes I don’t know where they can squeeze out another dime.

In this era beleaguered by unemployment one would think that these health care jobs could and should be stimulated. No way, just let’s make blind cuts and move “forward”; that’s an oxymoron.

More on this and the,” What state you live in can cost you your life”. Transplant organs should be now on the list of the Most Livable Cities. Explanation to follow …………

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