CMS gave final approval to Exact Sciences

CMS gave final approval to Exact Sciences

Friends and Colleagues,

Yesterday CMS gave final approval to Exact Science’s Cologuard a non-invasive colon cancer test that detects 92% of cancer and 69% of advanced pre-cancer.

Many of us refuse to get a colonoscopy. For those who refuse this is an alternative that is non-invasive and the sample is collected at home.

If widely adopted this test has the potential to wipe out colon cancer. Today 50,000 American die each year from colon cancer. The disease does not become symptomatic until it reaches Stage III and it is expensive to treat and problematic to control.

I am very grateful for the parallel review program which allowed FDA and CMS to make its decisions in tandem. It is a program that should on a voluntarily basis continue.

We are very proud to represent Exact Sciences.

Bill Broydrick

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