Positive Experience for Congressman Murphy in Florida

Positive Experience for Congressman Murphy in Florida

This weekend I spent time both Saturday and Sunday going door to door for Congressman Patrick Murphy in Palm Beach Shores on Singer Island where we have our Florida residence.

Patrick has run a 100% positive campaign and the response at the doors was reflective of his positive approach. One gentleman told me that he will vote straight Republican except he is voting for Murphy. The response was actually enthusiastic which is needless to say unusual for any politician today. Admittedly Murphy has a relatively weak opponent who nonetheless is attacking him. I hope the consultant corp will reflect on how much more can be achieved through a positive campaign. I know that the conventional wisdom is that negative must be match by more negative…but maybe candidates are too quick on the draw and should consider staying positive, only complaining about their opponents negative campaign. With the sophisticated analytics that campaigns have today some candidates might find staying positive in certain circumstance is the best antidote to a negative campaign.

It was fun to be met universally by a positive response.

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